Boat Club Long Cove Homeowners

What’s better than owning a boat? Having a fleet.

Kick your shoes off. This is boat ownership the easy way. The Long Cove Boat Club offers the best of all worlds, shared access to a fleet of boats and zero maintenance. Party of 12 for a sunset cruise? Call up the Bennington pontoon boat. Wakesurfing, waterskiing, or tubing? Take one of the Nautiques out for a big time on the lake.

2022 Super Air Nautique G21

Designed for wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, and tubing

2019 Harris Cruiser 230 SL

Designed for cruising and tubing

New Features

Better than ever. This year we’re taking it up a couple notches. The fleet now includes three 2022 Super Air Nautiques, which the Boat Club intends to replace every season with the newest model.

Club Benefits

As a Boat Club member you enjoy fractional ownership of a variety of boats. Our member-owned, not-for-profit club has the following benefits.

  • Reduces cost of ownership
  • Provides access to multiple boat types
  • Takes care of all boat management
  • Ensures ratio of 4 boats for every 12 members

The Fleet & Extras

  • 2022 Super Air Nautique G21 (3) – wakesurfing, wakeboarding, tubing and cruising
  • 2019 Harris Cruiser 230 SL (3) – cruising and tubing
  • Boat toys, tubes, hot dogs and other water sports gear are also part of the Boat Club’s fun arsenal for use anytime

Scheduling & Service

  • Online reservation system
  • 6 time slots per boat per day, limit 2 per member
  • Maximum 5 advance weekend reservations
  • Maximum 10 advance weekday reservations
  • Delivered to/from member’s or community dock
  • Members specify desired water toys and equipment
  • Cleaned, safety checked and fueled at Long Cove Marina
  • Boats stowed in dry storage at Long Cove Marina

Who Gets to Drive

  • Member families appoint up to 10 captains who are authorized to operate the boats
  • Captains need to be certified via club-directed Coast Guard and lake orientation training
  • Captains must be at least 18 and have a valid driver’s license

For Pricing & Membership

Contact: or 903.804.9962