We can’t give you a single reason why weekends feel longer here.

Weekends just feel longer here. Maybe because it only takes an hour and change to drive here from Dallas on a Friday afternoon. Or because you never have to futz with your boat, the pool, or the yard. And considering all the entertainment options, weekends seem longer here because the fun is already baked in. A full-service marina. Miles of hiking and biking trails. Fishing ponds. Pickleball. Golf. Lakeside bonfire pits. Resort-style pools. A Play Field for sports of all kinds. A Toy Barn filled with sports gear and cruiser bikes. And 1200 acres to call your own.

A friend of mine has a lakehouse somewhere else, and he says he always has to be the entertainer, so it’s hard to relax. There’s so much to do here, everyone has fun – parents included!
Jed Hildebrand, The Weekend, Dodd’s Point
Community is everything, period. Sure, there are other places you can buy a lake home, but the community is what really makes Long Cove worth a lot more. That’s one of the big reasons we built our own family lakehome here.
Robert Elliott, Still on the Water, Dodd’s Landing

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Everyday moments are what memories are made of.

Longhorns greeting you on the way in. Mist rising off Hop Frog Pond. Kids screaming down the waterslide. Magenta sunsets on the porch with a glass of wine and good company. Everyday moments are somehow extraordinary. Come visit and see.

Pool season.
Happy barefoot putting Friday.
Improvements underway around Henderson Bay. Grading and drainage. Landscaping enhancements. New sod and mulch. All- weather trail resurfacing. We'll wrap it up by mid-summer this year. Appreciate your patience.
Pickleball face-off.
Happy slide into summer Friday.
Have a bubbly Friday.
Just topped off the Geopole with a few more of the coolest places you’ve ever been. Thanks for sharing. And stick around, we’ve got a fun summer lined up right here!
Walking trails. Wagging tails.
Five out of five water dogs recommend Long Cove.
Backyard bass.
There’s still time to perfect your swing. The Longcovian Championship Golf Tourney is a week away. Best ball format with a special Masters-inspired lunch by Chef Jeff. Shotgun start at the Proving Grounds April 29, 9 AM.
Join us this morning at 10 AM for Easter Sunday service hosted by the Smiley and Nelson families. Come one, come all.
AND THE AWARD GOES TO…David Dennard for Long Cove’s most rockin’ home office.
Double dipping.