Now Streaming: Life at Long Cove

, Now Streaming: Life at Long Cove

Co-hosts Martha Jackson and Nellie Sciutto recently dished about life at Long Cove on their podcast “The Bubble Lounge.” The whole episode was recorded right here at the lake. And a few of our very own – Long Cove Realty President Kiki Pennington, plus homeowners Rob Crain and Kate Cutshall – shared what they love most about life on the lake at Long Cove. Keep scrolling for the highlights.  


“We love it here. We can decompress in that hour and 15-minute drive. And then once we’re here, it’s all right if we have to go back to Dallas. If one of the kids has a soccer or football game, I’ll drive back to Dallas. We’ll play our game, and it’s close enough, where we can drive right back.” – Rob Crain, Homeowner of Fortunate Ones


“We have everything from townhomes to large custom homes. Many of our owners spend time out here, realize they absolutely love it, and then double down on their investment and build a custom home that suits their family.” – Kiki Pennington, President of Long Cove Realty 

, Now Streaming: Life at Long Cove


“We were at dinner, and I looked over at my husband and said, ‘I just want you to know I love the lake house. It’s my peaceful, happy place.’ You just release and let go as soon as you get here.” – Kate Cutshall, Homeowner of Casa Su Lago 


What I enjoy most is being able to bring my boys out here and instill that love of the country and appreciation of natural life … hunting, fishing, and those things my dad taught me. The electronics get put away, and the kids go immediately to the Play Field or the Treehouse Adventure Park.” – Rob 


“There are families here from everywhere. Our nearest neighbors are from Lakewood and University Park. And it turned out we have more mutual friends and connections than we could ever imagine.” – Kate

, Now Streaming: Life at Long Cove


“We love entertaining. And the purpose is to have fun with friends and family. We don’t have the most sprawling lake home here, but we have eight bunk beds, two twin beds, and a guest room with a king. So come! There’s plenty of space. The more the merrier” – Kate 


“The food here is awesome. Everything on Chef Jeff’s menu is great. We’ll have lunch – and if we feel like being lazy about dinner, we’ll just order before they close up and take it home.” –  Rob 


“We’re into our Mahjong and pickleball, of course. Wherever you are, you just make friends. People here are friendly and outgoing. They’re genuinely interested in getting to know you, how you got here, and where you’re from.” – Kate 

Special thanks to Martha and Nellie of “The Bubble Lounge” and special guests Kiki, Rob, and Kate. To hear more from the interview, stream this episode of “The Bubble Lounge”.

, Now Streaming: Life at Long Cove

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